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Welcome to my page beta cunt!

You're still sitting in front of your computer with your loser dick in your hand....


Your search will have an end from now on and your life will have meaning again.

Follow these tasks and you will quickly realize that I am right.


> Sign up and dive into my world

Let me brain fuck you and shape you right.

>Charge coins and leave me a message whether I'm online or offline!

If you want to be seen by me, this is your opportunity you should use. You will not receive an invitation from me.

> Only keyboard jerks don't leave a tribute. You're not one of those, are you? Then send tribute!

↪ News without tribute bores me. There are a lot of keyboard jerks on Twitter trying to get my attention. You don't see yourself as a keyboard wanker? Then add a good tribute and a reply from me will come.

> Buy my videos - brain fuck guaranteed!

↪ More and more videos are coming. You are not a foot lover? With me you will be. You will buy ALL my videos, understand?

> Work off Amazon Wishlist!

I always have new wishes. A bottomless pit.. But wait! You will be the bottom! Into my Wishlist and order, order and order!

There are other wishes that are not in this list - Ask for them and fulfill them for me. 

> Vouchers are also welcome!

Amazon, Zalando, Douglas, Paysafe, Riot points, Valorant Points.... I always accept!

> Keep yourself Up-To-Date in my News as well as in Twitter!

You don't get to see all the news here, so stay tuned to Twitter as well as here. Maybe I'll let you pay for my coffee or another bill? At my news you can sniff a little into my world and interact. You don't want just "little"? Then do all the tasks and come to my stable to be fully involved.


So, everything quite simple right?
Then go ahead and show me how useful you little pathetic cunt can be!
I am not a pure online Findom/Femdom, you can meet me real!
And that's what you want?
Then give it all!

Dominant greetings and see you soon,

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